Bruce floor types:

engineered floor

prefinished floor

floating floor

wood cleaner

laminate floor




Bruce prefinished floors

Brure Hardwood floors are very known by its price,quality,diversity and beauty,you can find Bruce hardwood floors in all most any hard wood floor store or at Home Depot,Lowe's,Sam's club and also on the internet.

bruce hardwood floors comes in a very wide range of solid prefinished hardwood floors,engineered wood floors,floating wood floors and it comes also in a wide rande of colors and wood floor finishes.

prefinished hardwood floor installation

we are a licensed and insured hardwood floor company that can offer you a high quality standard hardwood floor installation,hardwood floor repairs,hardwood floor sand,stain and finishing,experienced staff for more than 2 decades serving all new york state and surrounding states.

if you are considering installing a prefinished hardwood floor,give us a call and talk to our flooring professionals,we will make sure to give the best and right floor options for your floor needs.

Bruce engineered wood floor installation

if you have a concret subfloor and are considering have it with a prefinished hardwood floor,you can go with engineered wood floors,they are normally thinner than the solid hardwood floors and they can be installed using adhesive glue,they comes in a wide range of stiles and colors and sure, they are less expensive than a solid hardwood floors.when you decide to install a engineered wood floor over a concret get a licensed and insured floor professional,this way you will have no surprises and no loss. a good professional will be able inspect your concret subfloor and explain you the needs of a moisture vapor barrier and other spects that you have to consider

Bruce Floating wood floors

this type of wood floors are glue or nailed onto the subfloor,they are normally installed over your existing sub floor and they can go over in most of any subfloor type, like:concret sub floor,wood sub floor,old wood floors,vct floors,ceramic tile and so on,ask a licensed and insured professional for a free inhome floor inspection so you will know all the options of floor installation you have.

Bruce solid hardwood floor installation

in order to install a prefinished bruce hardwood floor you will need to have a wood sub floor.

all solid hardwood floors are installed using nails,staples and sometimes when we have more than 4 inchs width will need to use adhesive glue along with the nails or staples.

you will be amazed how your place will look with a prefinished bruce hardwood floor,they come in many options and you can choose from 2" 1/4 to 4" inches by 3/4 thick.You will have the real feelling and warmth of a real hardwood floors installed.

Having the right work done,the right wood flooring product purchased is all you will need for long lasting and beautiful floors for life

If you need help feel free to search around on our web site and if you need a professioanl help just email or give us a call ! ! !