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Engineered wood floor installation

Enginnered wood floor most popular as glue down wood floors,it comes in a wide range of finishing color,lenth and width.Normally its thickness is around 3/8 to 5/8 and is most directed for cement subfloor,also directed for kicthens,bathroom floors and basement floors,if you have plywood wood subfloor or even a old hardwood floors it can be installed over.

If you have a wood subfloor you will have more options and can also go for a solid hardwood floors as you can nail them.

The look and feeling of an engineered wood floors is very similar to the solid hardwood floors and you will also have the chance of refinishing them if you need in the future.Just keep in mind that the thinkness of the engineered floors and you will realize that if you want a wood floors for live it will not be the engineered floors,as they are less thick than the solid wood floors.If you choose for a solid hardwood floor,you will be able to refinish them so many times,back to the engineered wood floors you will not be able to refinish them as you can with the solid wood floors

Engineered floor installation process

You will have 3 professional ways for a engineered floor installation and they are:

1 > Staple down engineered floor installation

2 > Glue down engineered floor installation

3 > Lock in engineered floor installation

1 >If you have a wood sub floor,you will be able to install the engineered wood floors using staples and you can also install the engineered floor using glue or if your engineered floors are lock in system installation you can also install it over the wood sub floor.

2 > Glue down engineered floor installation is directed for cement subfloor but you can also use the glue installation for wood subfloor

3 > In order to install an engineered wood floor using the lock in system the engineered floors has to be factored with the lock in system."the tong of each floor board interlocks in with the groove from the folowing floor board.

If you are considering having new enginereed floor installed give us a call we can help you make the right decision by inpecting your subfloor type and giving you a free-in-home floor estimate!

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