Prefinished Hardwood Floor Installation

Pre finished Hardwood Floor Installation NY

Nowadays real solid hardwood flooring comes a wide variety to widths, lengths and thickness along with so many different kinds of wood. You can get any kind of wood flooring already sanded, stained and finished before you install it. These types of products are called refinished hardwood flooring.

Pre finished flooring are a great option if you don't want to deal with chemicals like varnish, stain, sealer, all the hard sanding work which generates a lot of dust and of course several days to have it done.

Pre finished flooring requires a special attention when installing as you need to work in a cleaner and organized manner to avoid scratching, denting or damaging the already refinished floors. It really worth the time and effort invested on these type of work as you can get a new and beautiful flooring system in one single day.

A professional flooring company can have a huge space done in a day or so. Having this type of flooring installed will add value to your home, will add elegance, beauty and warmth. Our company can handle 2.000 sqf of refinished flooring installed in a single day and guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and contractors.

If you plan on moving on towards a project like this, choose a solid refinished hardwood flooring. A solid hardwood flooring has a 5mm wear layer, it means that you will be able to have it sanded and refinished so many times in the future. If in the near future you decide to sell or rent your property and your flooring is scratched, dented or if it has any imperfection you will be able to have it restored to new just by sanding, staining and finished again for a really low price compared to a new wood flooring.

Our company uses many different ways to provide a refinished hardwood floor installation in New York and surrounding areas. The first important step to take is to make sure to follow the product's manufactures's guidelines and if you don't have enough information available from its manufactures follow the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines. Our Company is a Member of the NWFA. Also the most used method to have a refinished hardwood floor installed is using nails every 6 inches. If the floor planks are over 4"inches in width you should use a professional wood floor adhesive in conduction with the nails. it will prevent the floor boards to move more than allowed when the weather changes.

Solid hardwood flooring moves and expands a lot. when the the weather is too cold it tends to expand, when the weather changes to a high temperature the floor boards tends to contract. as the weather changes all the time having your refinished hardwood floor installed following its manufactures guidelines or the NWFA will prevent it to get damaged, gaps to appear in between the planks and the most important: its guarantee.

It's extremely important that you hire a licensed and fully insured flooring company. A licensed professional will help if you run into any floor that was damaged or showed some problems after some months of use. Having a licensed professional to do the work for you will make sure that you don't avoid your floors warranty. if the floors are installed not following the right guidelines you may loose all your floors if you need to claim for any warranty.

Also it's really important that you understand that a pre finished hardwood flooring needs the right attention to keep beautiful and last for years to come. You have to use felt pads under your furniture's legs, clean the floor using only recommended floor cleaners from its manufacturer. NEVER use water to clean any type of wood flooring. If you have water on you wood floors dry it using cloths as soon as possible. Also is advised to use carpets on high traffic areas, entrance doors and bathroom entrance. The moisture from the bathroom, the the dust from outside can harm your floors little by little. having carpets on these areas will help your flooring last for so many years more to come.

Pre finished hardwood floor & Other Finished Flooring

Many people think that solid Pre finished hardwood floor are any flooring that comes finished. Pay attention that engineered wood floor can be sanded and finished in the future but it has a wear layer from 2mm to 4mm what makes it inferior to the solid hardwood. Laminate flooring is other type of flooring that comes finished, but this one does not give the ability to be sanded or refinished in the future.

Nowadays you can find any kind of wood specie in a pre finished hardwood flooring. Today's wood floors come in more than 50 species we have already installed pine, maple, red oak, white oak, walnut, ash, ash white, Bamboo, Beech, Birch, Black Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Maple, Brazilian Walnut, Bubinga, Cherry Black, Cork, Cumaru, Cypress, Douglas Fir, Hickory Pecan, Iroko, Jarrah, Mahogany, Maple Sugar Hard, Merbeau, Mesquite, Pine Antique Heart, Pine Southern Yellow, Pudauk, Purpleheart, Sapele, Spotted Gum, Sydney Blue Gum, Tasmanian Oak, Teak, Wenge and other kinds of refinished hardwood flooring. No matter what the look you want to achieve using a refinished hardwood, there are a variety of species to meet your expectations.

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