Refinishing Hardwood Floor - F.A.Q's

1. What areas are served by this floor company?
2. Is the company licensed & insured ?
3. Have references ?
4. How many years or experience ?
5. All the work is guaranteed?
6. What other wood work we provide ?
7. Refinishing hardwood floor using water based polyurethane ?
8. Refinishing hardwood floor using oil based polyurethane ?
9. Refinishing hardwood floor and sealing ?
10. Refinishing hardwood floor and repairing the floors ?
11. Wood floor general repairs ?
12. Wood floor single wood plank replacement ?
13. How long takes to have my floor refinished using water based polyurethane?
14 .How long takes to have my floors refinished using oil based polyurethane?
15 .How long takes to stain my floors?
16 .How long takes to repair my floors?
17 .Buffing old wood floors ?
18 .Wood floors top coat ?
19 .Screening wood floors ?

What areas are served by this floor company?

1. we serve New York state,Connectcut state,New Jersey state and metro area of Pennsylvania state.

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2.Is the company licensed & insured ?

we are a licensed & insured family operated wood floor company

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3. Have references ?

We have real flooring references from recent past flooring work from satisfied clients,just request and we will send them to you!

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4. How many years or experience ?

We work refinishing,sanding,staining,repairing and installing all types of floors for over 2 decades now.We used to work for builders & contractors in the past and now we serve our customers directly without a middleman between our customers and us,it means that you will get a better customer service and also a much better final price!

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5 All the work is guaranteed?

all our wood floor refinishing,wood floor staining,wood floor repairs and new installation comes guaranteed for minimun period of 1 year,if you need more help or details about just give us a call or call our flooring customer service now!

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6.what other work this company provide?

We do all about flooring service!
we do install prefinished wood floor,unfinished wood floor installation,glue down wood floor installation,floating floor installation,laminate floor installation,pergo floor install,parquet floor installation,ceramic tile installation,marble floor installation,granite floor installation,vct floor installation,porcelain tile installation,ceramic tile and stone floor installation and repairs,we also provide grout and re-grouting ceramic and stone service.

We also provide all types of floors removal like: wood floor removal,ceramic tile removal,marble removal,granite removal,old wood floor removal,laminate floor removal and kinds of floors removal

We offer also the service of cart away,we have very good rates on taking away of the trash and garbage from your floor removal or installation project.

Our company is specilized in refinishing hardwood floor,sanding old floors,screening and buffing all types of wood floors,the results are guaranteed!

If you have questions regarding any type of floor work feel free call or email our customer service now!

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7.Refinishing hardwood floor using water based polyurethane ?

Water based polyurethane is recomended most when you are living in a place and can't get rid of your furniture,if you need to step on or sleep on your place in the same day,water based gets dried very quikly and it has very good results also.Another advantage is the smell,you can't fell the product smell like you do using oil based polyurethane.

Give us a call or email ous if you need more information about refinishing your floors using water based polyurethane,we will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions,if you preffer just send us an email and we will helo you also!

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8.Refinishing hardwood floor using oil based polyurethane ?

if you have the enough time,and you not living in house and also if the space is empty we wold definetely recommend you the oil based polyurethane to have your floors sanded with.

it will be a work that will take around 3 or 4 days to have all the floors refinished but it will conpensate the time spent.

the durability is another important factor,and also the beulty of the floors will amaze you!

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9.Refinishing hardwood floor and sealing ?

sealing the wood floors is a normally not done for many contractors but if have the opportunity to have it done do it,you have a more protected and natural looking floors,normally it gets dried in only 30 minutes after applied and then you can buff the floors and start with water based or oil based polyurethane. if you have more questions about it give us a call or email us!

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10.Refinishing hardwood floor and repairing the floors ?

there are many situations where you will need to have your floors repaired.

sometimes you will need to replace a single floor board and sometimes you will need to have many floors boards replaced,the most comom wood floor repairs happens when there was a wall deviding a space and the owner changes this wall then we will need to make the floor meet so you don't see that was a wall there before.

there are several ways to repair a floor in a situation like this,but the most recomende is the fingerin floor repair wich consists in remove floor boards from btoh sides and insert floor board by floor board making it stagle like the rest of the floors.

also we have done many other types of floor repairs like when you have a very old hardwood floors and they in good condition but there are several spots darker caused by water damed or dog pee so we do remove all these floor boards and replace it with the same type of floors,normally when the floors is too old and we can't find the same wood floors we remove it from ares when you normally don't see like closets and install in areas like living room or other more vieblle places and install in the closet the colsest look wood floor boards possible.

having more questions about floor repairs send us and email or give us call,we will be happy to help!

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11.Wood floor general repairs ?

we do all types of wood floor repairs

laminate floor repairs and boards replacement,parquet floors repairs,glue down floors repairs,unfinished and prefinished hardwood floor repairs,vct floor repairs,bamboo floor repairs,ceramic tile repair,marble repair,granite repair,porcelain floor repair and much more! call us if you need some time of floor repairs that's described in here!

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12.Wood floor single wood plank replacement ?

When you have a prefinished wood floor,engineered floor,laminate floor installed,sometimes you acidentaly damage dropping something over the floors or draging a heavy piece of furniture,it's possible to make a single floor board repair in most of the cases.

Sometime when the repair is too close from the wall is easier to remove all the boards till we get the damaged one,saving time and having the floors originally like before.

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13.How long takes to have my floor refinished using water based polyurethane?

water based polyurethane gets dry really fast,normally in 40 minutes we can apply a second coat,with this said,normally in a day we can have a very large job started and finished using water based polyurethane to refinish your floors and you will be able to sleep in ther at that night if you want,water based poly has very little smell and nowadays there are many good water based products that will assure your floors to last a very long time.

*We do strongly recommend to have at least 4 coats of water based polyurethane applied on your floors,less than this is not recommeded.

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14.How long takes to have my floors refinished using oil based polyurethane?

the results of having your floors refinished using oil based polyurethane are fantastic but it will be time consuming and also you will not be allowed to walk thru the floors for about 3 days.

it's recommend apply 3 coats of oild based on any wood floors refinishing or finishing floors,and it takes around 15 hours to dry and the last coat is recommended to wait more than 24 hours to walk on the floors and move your furniture back inside.

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15. How long it takes to stain my floors?

staining the new wood floor or old sanded wood floors doesn't take too long,you can have a large space all stained but is recommended to wait overnight to get complite dry and the you can choose betwen water based polyurethane or oil based polurethane. you can add 1 extra day to your refinishing floors process in order to have the floors stained.

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16. How long it takes to repair my floors?

Repairing wood floors normally doesn't take too long,if the wood repair is a single floor board replacement it will take around 2 hours and we can start the sanding work at the same day,now doing a fingerin wood floor repairs in spaces where you had wall,closets etc will take a lot more time,sometimes repairs like this will tak the full day to have all the wood floors repaired.but it worths the money spent and time invested,the results will bring your floors back to new again.

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17.Buffing old wood floors ?

Buffing wood floors is an inexpensive way to have your floors looking beautiful again,after some time with moisture,humidity high traffic over the wood floors and also placing large carpets over the floors will make the shine along with the beauty of floors fade away little by little,in most cases you can just buff your floors and apply 1 or 2 coats of polyurethnae and your floors will look like new again.

If you need a flooring professional to inspect your floors and advice on weather having the floors all refinished or just buffing it,just get in touch with us and we will have a floor professional ready to inpect your floors.

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18.Wood floors top coat ?

when many floor professionals says "wood floor top coat" is the same process as buffing your floors.

many contractors apply the the top coat of polyurethnae without buffing the floors wich will result in a peeling of the polyurethane in a very short time.

never allow anybody provide a top coat work without buffing or screening the wood floors first.

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Screening wood floors ?

Screnning wood floors is the same process as buffing it,when we are sanding or refinishing a wood floor we buff or screen the wood floors several times.

You have to screen it in order to remove small imperfections on the wood floors that was just sanded.

After all sanding wood floor work we will have to screen it,clean,vacumm and then we can seal or apply our first coat of water based or oil based polyurethane.

We will also have to screen it with a diferent screen grit in between all the polyurethane coats that we will have to apply.

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