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Unfinished Hard Wood Floor Sanding

Here we will give you some ideas and aspects of an unfinished hard word floor installation process along with some sanding,staining and finishing ideas for your new wood floor project.

When a customer can't find the right wood floor finish color,the right width,or simply because he doesn't like to see some small floor boards edges or really small gaps in between the wood floors boards or if even when you wish to have your floors to be as unique as possible the choice will be the unfinished wood floors.

When it comes to unfinished hardwood floors the options will be very wide and sure you will find the one that fits all your needs. For your home,business,school,gymnasium am i am sure you will find the right floor that match your taste.

Types of unfinished wood floor

When people hears about unfinished hardwood floor, they definitely think about oak unfinished floors. it was an option used for so many builders,contractors and home owners in the past and still is an of the most used option nowadays,but there are so many different unfinished wood floor types with different grain,grades width,thickness and hardness available to choose from.

some of the most common unfinished wood floors are:

Red oak,White oak,Birch,Pine,Maple,Brazilian Cherry,Teak Wood,Mahogany

unfinished hardwood floor are installed and finished on site

Red & white oak - is one of the most popular and it comes in many different width,length,thickness and grades - the oak floors will receive any stain color very well

Birth wood - is not as hard as red or white oak and is not as good as oak to get stained. Is most commonly sanded naturally and its tons ranges to a light color to brown and tends to red dark . also is softer than oak,you can dent the floors easily.

Pine wood - A good choice for pine is sand and finish it naturally with 1 coat of sealer and 3 coats of oil based,you can also sand and finish it with 4 coats of water based giving it more natural look. Staining is not a good choice when it comes to pine wood floors. Pine has a wide range that goes from a old look to a modern look,all pine wood family is considered a soft wood and is also softer than oak floors.

Teak wood - teak wood floors are very durable and some people uses it for out side,its stronger against moisture,some people uses on decking and also good idea for Kitchen,bathroom. teak wood is a soft wood floor and it receives stains very well

Mahogany wood - mahogany is harder than teak wood,is also very good for area where the moisture level tends to be higher like basement floors,kitchen,bathroom and out side areas like decks.

mahogany wood floors will receive any stain very well but it's recommended to sand,finish naturally because it has a natural dark reddish brown tone,if you choose for dark stain it may hide the beauty of the mahogany wood floor.

Brazilian Cherry wood - has a beautiful natural look,quality and hardness. Brazilian cherry is known also as Jatoba wood floors.

Brazilian cherry is double harder than oak floors and it comes in different width and length. This type of floors has become one of the best option of unfinished and pre finished hardwood floors in the American homes

we do recommend sand and finish Brazilian cherry wood floors naturally, the floors will get darker and darker when exposed to light and over time.

Maple Wood - maple wood floors has been know by its durability and is recommended for large areas where has a high traffic,old homes has installed maple wood floors for more 60 to 70 years,and when you re-sand and finish them,they will still looks beautiful and will last for so many years to come!Maple hard wood floors are also know by its hardness and is stronger than oak!

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