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About us

About US - Flooring Services at Floor ABC.

We provide all our flooring services in the States of New York NY, New Jersey NJ, Connectcut CT, Pennsylvania PA.

We provide our flooring service in the four States area. We provide a lot flooring services for builders and contractors in these areas, for that reason we can also offer you final customer the same low prices and conditions we do for them.

Feel free to call us so we can discuss all the details about your flooring project. Keep in mind that you are reading this for a reason. Trust our flooring team and you will have a great experience with us.

Our history

Early days

As any other professional, all of us have worked hard for many other flooring companies in the early days. Working with flooring is something that you have to like, you have to enjoy what you to become a great professional. After many years working as employee has made us understand and learn how to treat and respect customers, has made us understand the gifted we were,  we have decided follow our way and start our own flooring service business with all the experience of working honestly for other companies.

Honesty and transparency

Things can go wrong in any field, regardless if you are a doctor, dentist, lawyer or even the president. We can tell you for sure that if something goes wrong, we will be as professional as possible, honest and respectful with you. We will make you feel respected and will do what we have to do to resolve any situation. Keep in mind that you will not loose a penny with us! Our years of flooring and life experience has showed us that when you are honest and respect the others, all the universe will work to give you what you truly deserve.

Experience and professionalism

We will be always ready to listen to your thoughts, we will always be there to make sure you get what you have paid for. We will get in time to start your flooring work, we will finish your flooring project as we said so, and you will be happy with the final results. We do floors for more than 15 years and we never lie to our customers. Be sure that all the years of experience that we have will be put in your flooring project.

Why choose us

We are honest, respectful and friendly

We are the type of people you want working in your house. Everyone is educated, honest, respectful and will do all to make sure you have your flooring project done as fast as possible with the best professionalism and results possible.

  • Licensed;
  • Fully insured;
  • Auto insurance;
  • Liability floor insurance;
  • Work´s comp insurance;
  • Home Improvement Contractor´s License;
  • Over 15 years of flooring experience;
  • Family owned and operated;
  • Reliable and affordable prices.
  • Respectful and friendly crew;
  • Commitment to customers;
  • Drug-free workplace;
  • Transparency;
  • Total care with your furniture;
  • Dustless sanding available;
  • We take care of all insurance requirements for you.

Work team

Some of our advantages

We are ready to help you

We have a flooring professional ready to assist you over the phone, e-mail or even on site job to estimate accurately and give you the right direction on your flooring project.

We understand about flooring

We are experienced on any type of wood flooring installation, repairs, sanding, staining and finishing work. We also install any type of ceramic tile and stone services.

Your job project will start and end on time

We do all in our reach to work on the dates we previous agreed upon. We do not schedule more than one job per date as we understand the problems and difficulties that may arise when scheduled are not followed.