Selling your home

if you are selling your house,renovating it or simply flipping a property and if you have old floors ask one of our floor specialist for a free estimate,you can have old floors back to new agin by simply refinishing,staining,finishing it or only buff and top coat them.

we have very good prices on all wood floor sanding,wood floor staining,wood floor repairs,wood floor screem and top coat floor service.

licensed and insured floor company ready to serve you with the best prices and labor work!

Refinish or Buff your old floors ?

Refinishing hardwood floor is an inexpensive way to increase the value of your property and sure having a professional refinishing hardwood floor will make sure you get a beautiful wood floor again .

There are some many refinishing hardwood floor guys out there but if you need an outstanding work, check the company insurance ,licensee and sure ask for references from past refinishing floors projects…


refinishing your old floors will increase the value of your property when selling it

...When you decide that is time to get you old wood floors refinished ,ask a professional for assistence and advice on what is better for your old wood floors ,in many situations steady of having a complite refinishing hardwood floor ,you can have the wood floors buffered only , if the wood floors are in good shape and doesn't have deep scracthes ,it may be possible to have very good results doing only the floors buffing…

We can have all the floors buffered with a 150 grit screem and then have a top coat of oil based polyurethane ,when the wood floors is dried we can re-buff the floors and have a second coat of oil based polyurethane ,you will be impressed how good will be the results you can achieve on your old hardwood floors having a floor work like this done by a wood floor professional ,experienced ,conscient and competent…

If time is an issue for you ,steady of applying oil based wood floor polyurethane ,you can get the wood floor polyurethanned with water based poly ,it get's dried a lot faster than oil based .In order to get same results as oil based the wood floors will need to get more coats of water based polyurethane .

So at same situation where you want to buffer wood floors steady of refinishing them ,you will have to apply at lest 4 coats of water based…when you start the work you will buffer and clean the wood floor to receive the first coat and in every coat you will need to buffer and clean the floors before,till you apply the last coat of oil or water based wood floor polyurethane…

Now if you are thinking of re-staining or refinishing the wood floors it will be more expensive but the results also will be fantastic.Having all this done by a floor professional will bring your floors back to new again with no too much dust or problems.

If you need any help with your old wooden floors ,feel free to contact us for more information ,we are a licensed and insured company with many happy customers and all our flooring sanding service comes with gurantee ,we have been working in new york,new jesey,connectcut,and Pensilvannia for many years ,we offer free estimates and also online helping with flooring professionals ready to give you a helping hand with all your floor needs.

keeping searching our flooring website and if you don't find answers to what you looking for,feel free to call or email us right now,…We do all refinishing hardwood floor ,sealer ,top coat ,buffer ,wax ,wood floor repairs ,new wood floor installation .we also have experience refinishing maple ,pine ,bamboo ,parquet ,engineered wood floor and all types of hardwood floor sanding ,staining and finishing .Feel free to contact us for a free in home estimate.

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