Wood Flooring Sanding and Finishing Services

We specialize in all types of wood flooring sanding, staining, finishing, and re-coating services.

We have over 15 years of experience using water- and oil-based sealers and Rubio Monocoat finishings.

If you are looking to have new solid unfinished hardwood flooring installed and then sanded, stained, and finished you have come to the right place as I can help you with my experience decide what's better for your new or old wooden floors project.

We have attached videos and before and after images of some refinishing floor projects that we have provided so you can see what our flooring team can provide.

If you need in-home flooring refinishing, stair treads sanding and finishing, or a new flooring installation estimate, please call us today so our flooring specialist can help you confidently decide your next step.


See below one more flooring sanding, refinishing, and finishing project that we have done in New Jersey.


If you have old solid hardwood floors installed in very bad condition, give us the chance to inspect them for you. We can have your old wooden floors looking like new again by applying our old wood flooring restoration and refinishing techniques.

Allied to our wood flooring expertise and experience we use the highest quality commercial sanding machines to achieve the best results possible.

Give us a call today so our flooring sanding and restoration specialist will visit you to give a free-of-cost estimation and help you decide what is better for home flooring or commercial flooring.


Understanding the complete process of Sanding and finishing Hardwood Floors Using Oil Based or Water Based Polyurethane.

It depends on the shape of your existing hardwood floor and the type of hardwood floor you have installed in your house or apartment. Let's start talking about installing a new hardwood floor like red oak and we will finish it.

Using a professional floor sander (we use the best one in the flooring industry: the Galaxy sander machine) using the floor sander with 36-grit sandpaper we will run the machine on the entire hardwood floor for the first cut. When we finish it, we change the sandpaper to grit 80 and run it againlastly, we will change it to grit 120 sandpaper. 

We will use the edger sanding machine with 60, 80, and 120-grit sandpaper on all edges that our big machine can't get. We will also use a hand scraper to scrape spots that we can't do with the machines and we also use it to scrape the steps and risers.

Now it's time to work with a professional buffer and for this work, we will use a screen grit 80 and 100. When we finish buffing all hardwood floors we will vacuum and clean all hardwood floors. This part is really important, if you leave any wood floor dust or anything it will be covered by layers of staining and polyurethane oil-based or water-based.

After we have the entire hardwood floor cleaned and vacuumed it's time to seal your new hardwood floor. We will apply one coat of sealer on all your wood floor surfaces and after 45 minutes it will be probably dried.

Now it's time to buff your floors again, but this time we will use a buffer screen grit 150. When we are finished with this, we will clean the hardwood floor again we will apply another coat of sealer for better results, and wait till is completely dry.

Now is the time to choose water-based or oil-based polyurethane. We will follow with the oil-based polyurethane and if we apply our first coat of oil-based, We will need to wait about 15 hours or until all the hardwood floor is dried. 

For the second coat, we will repeat the buffing process and clean the floors again so we can apply our second coat of polyurethane. When the wood floor is dried, we will apply our last and third coats on your hardwood floor. Now we need to wait more than 24 hours so the floors are completely dried, then we can move all your stuff and furniture back on.

For many years we have been doing refinishing hardwood floors, we can tell you that, if you apply 1 coat of sealer and 2 coats of oil-based polyurethane your floors will be very well sanded and finished too. You will have very nice results on your hardwood floor.

The sanding work that we have outlined above is when you have the time to get it done, as it will take about 4 days to have all the work completed as we have described.

What we have done also is the same work but steady of oil-based polyurethane we can do all this refinishing hardwood floors with Water Based Polyurethane, what will have to change is the amount of coats we will have to apply. To get good results with the water-based polyurethane, we will have to apply around 3 to 4 coats of water-based, but this is been used a lot nowadays. 

Water-based polyurethane has no smell at all. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to dry in between coats. It means that we can have most of the refinishing hardwood floors done in one single day.

It helps also when you have furniture inside of the house or apartment and you don't know where you can store it. We can move all the furniture out of one or two rooms and have that space all sanded and finished and when we end with that we can move the furniture back to its place and refinish the hardwood floor in the other rooms.

As you can see, water-based polyurethane can help and can save you a lot of money. We have to say also that water-based is a little more expensive than oil-based polyurethane but at the end of all refinishing woodwork it becomes a lot cheaper than having to move out all the furniture from your house or apartment and pay storage to have all your furniture moved to there and moved back, also we can do a better price because we will not have to go to your flooring job for 3 or 4 days. We can do most of the wooden floor refinishing in 1 or 2 days.

We are not trying to show you that we understand about refinishing hardwood floors, We know how to work with all types of wood floor sanding, installing, and finishing, we are only trying to make you understand how the process works so you know what you will have to do to organize your life and your schedule to have wood floor sanding work done, and sure, being a knowledgeable customer will prevent you from having bad contractors to rip you off.

*When we are refinishing hardwood floors, bamboo, pine, and maple the process will change a little, especially the grit of all sanding papers, it depends also on how many times your hardwood floor was refinished and sanded before. For more questions feel free to contact us we are here to help! We are ready to help you with your flooring project. If you need help please give us a call or e-mail us.