Wooden Deck Refinishing, Sanding, and Finishing Services

A wooden deck will increase your property value, it has great durability and requires low Maintenance.

In our experience, to keep your wooden deck looking like new, you must execute a refinishing, sanding, and finishing process every 2-3 years. It's important to sand and finish it using the right equipment and sanding technique so you can have it sanded many times in the future.

Not having your wooden deck properly sanded and finished will diminish the thickness of its wear layer and the lifetime of your wooden deck.

We are a licensed and fully insured sanding and refinishing flooring company, with more than a decade of experience that allied to our best wood deck sanding equipment available in the market enables us to guarantee you the highest quality wood deck refinishing, sanding, and finishing services.

See below the video and many before and after images of one of our wood deck refinishing and sanding processes that took place recently.


See Below Another Wooden Deck That Was Just Sanded, Not Stained.

If you have questions about our wooden deck sanding and refinishing services, please call us; we will provide in-home measurements and free estimates.